They make it look easy because they Work hard

“Talent is great but so is Work.”

I am lucky to be born into a period that has witnessed the biggest revolution in the music industry in Nigeria. Gradually, I have watched 2face, D’banj and so many others lay the foundations that the new crews have built upon. Now we have got new artistes coming up with new tracks, concepts, lyrics and beats. We have got artistes that are known all over Africa and the World. Our Sound’s and Beat’s producers seem to all of a sudden be at the top of their games. Surprisingly, we now have music producers producing world-class videos with unique effects. Obviously, they must be doing something right and I don’t believe its easy.

D’banj recently joined a World acclaimed label. Whiz Kid is listened to by the British, Olamide is loved by everyone and Don Jazzy seems to never put a foot wrong. Our artistes now feature on top TV entertainment magazines, posts and shows. This period seems to be thrilling. So while America raves about their potentials in the IT industry, China boasts about the Manufacturing Superpower, Nigeria can smile that we are definitely the next hip-hop capital in Africa.

Now you hear youths get crazy about being the next D’banj, Davido¬†or Wizkid. They admire their shoes but ignore their pathways. Many seem to forget one essential ingredient “WORK.” Yes! Work, Hard-work! These guys are always in the studio composing songs, singing several lyrics over new beats, trying out different beat combinations, rehearsing for shows. These Guys have always been producing and will keep producing. Ask any music star and if he is honest he tells you how he seldom as much time to enjoy his money. They have got a standard they must meet up to. Your last album is where your fame ends. Your next album is what keeps you in business. If you don’t know, this is exactly the life of an Entrepreneur. They are constantly under pressure and driven by this passion to work.

This makes me wonder why other industries are not the same. Are Engineers, Architects, Scientists being passive. They are working right? But are they working hard? It’s good for youths to have these artistes as role models. It’s good to aspire to be them. But its wrong not to do exactly what they do. You don’t have to be a Musician to be like them. You are already what they were; unknown, young, aspiring guys ready to do whatever it would take. They didn’t play it safe, why should you? They didn’t produce only one work, why haven’t you produced one yet? They didn’t give up, so why are you contemplating to? Again not all their works are spectacular. So not all of yours will be. Did they eventually have a hit album? Yes they did. Will you have yours? Yes you will!