You served your boss, You can also serve yourself

“Titles are what makes Men loose faith in their abilities.”

I just spoke to a friend of mine and was appalled to hear about his sister. She used to work for an Educational Consult. Their main job was to assist you purchase, fill and complete all documents required in obtaining admissions into foreign universities. They did this for both undergraduate and graduate enrollments. However, they never guarantee you any admission so they owe you nothing.

I recall how impressed I was when she told me she was breaking away to startup a similar enterprise on her own. Now a year later she has been able to get herself a new car and lots of money stacked up in her account. Her success got me thinking. I thought of how both roles required nothing entirely different or new. I thought of how she must have been underpaid for the services she rendered. I thought of how she never got a raise for bringing so much into the company’s account. Just there and then, I wondered why we are all scared to set out on our own?

If you make tea for your boss for a living and you do it so well. Then get out there and start making tea. If you make a living from pleasing and placating your boss then get out and start pleasing people in a service business. If you clean toilets and offices for a living, then tender your resignation letter, get a company registered and get your proposals out there that you have got “x” years of experience cleaning. My best bet is you know much more about cleaning than the boss that recruited you in your previous job so you will be far better at running it. Look at yourself, identify that skill you have perfected over the years, identify that which you have received numerous commendations from, then get out and start seeking contracts for which you could use this skill. What is the worst that would happen? You get out and spend endless weeks seeking your first client? Okay, you can play it safe too. Get your company up and running while you work for your boss. Don’t forget, you just need a first client, a first pay and a first job to break the inertia. After your first-s, you have just put yourself on the map. More jobs will begin to come gradually. Gradually you will grow, your finances will blossom till a period of exponential growth is attained.

Looking back, I can guess that her heart did skip a beat when she made this decision. I know she was scared. I know she must have known she was treading a new path. So if you feel the same way don’t feel isolated. You are just like me and you are just like her. Chances are that you will equally attain a similar success. Then just maybe, maybe you will look back at yourself and smile saying to yourself, “Maybe I was better off serving myself after all.”

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