The Hustler never gives up?

“On the streets you can find the men with the greatest of courages”

Really does the hustler ever give up? This has got me really thinking. It’s quite easy to label yourself an hustler but it’s never easy to act as one. Growing up, I saw success as simply a straight line from point A to B. Of course, a straight line is the shortest route between two points. So if you were diligent, disciplined and hardworking then you already had the ingredients that were sure to keep you on a straight path.

Okay, what a nice conception.

Often while in School, I heard stories of hardworking, disciplined and diligent students that had graduated and were not successful. Usually, my teachers did say how “unpredictable” life was. A teacher in particular while in school did often mention that those that failed academically and toiled on and on were the most prepared for life. I always imagined to myself, “How was this to be? Was not having good grades a sign that you were on that straight path?”

Fast-forward a few years to now and my teacher’s words suddenly seem so deep. What he really wanted to say to us was that:

  • To be successful, you have got to be an Hustler.
  • The Hustler is as open-minded as he is courageous.

The students that failed often and toiled hard in order to just make it through, already had an early taste of life’s reality. Life is never simple. Success is never a straight path. While toiling they soon realise how bad they are at academics and begin pursuing the path of self discovery. They get weighed down with each academic failure and soon enough failure becomes all too familiar. Soon failure isn’t feared again. Now that is the most important artillery one can ever acquire in life’s battle-field.

On the other hand, the brilliant chap in school soon finishes school and may find it difficult getting employed. He/she is not used to failure so this new trend all looks strange. They get weighed down and feel this is all abnormal. So rather than shrugging off disappointments they get weakened by them. If they are lucky, they later on realise that this was how life was meant to be. They realise that while pursing success, disappointments and failures are all characteristics of the pursuit.

Now, I think this is really the life of the hustler. He gets weighed down with disappointments but he is never down for to long because he is open minded and courageous. In fact, its not a new experience to him. He knows he will overcome it and he eventually does. This I think is their most important quality. “They simply never give up”.

So if you have never failed before be scared. Get accustomed to trying out many things not bothered if you fail because it makes one more open minded and fearless.

“Please share. That’s how ideas spread.”