No perfect route! Strive to just be on path

“You are what you are because of the decisions you have made in the past and only the decisions you will make now will change this.”

Life is a phenomenon. The rain falls, the soil takes it in, the sun shines, it gets evaporated and then you get another rainfall. A cycle it is. So no rainfall means no other rainfall in the long run. Everything is intertwined. You could call it a process or science but I choose to call it nature, simply nature.

I have looked at lives and wondered how people find themselves in certain circumstances. At what point do they end up in a mess. What decision itself puts you in a mess? Is it the very first decision you make on an issue or a series of wrong decisions on the same issue or the last decision? The annoying thing is that it often takes time before you realize that you are in a mess. This can be perfectly analyzed using an instance with which you have an address you wish to go to. Now every turn to the left and right will matter. This means if you were to get all these series of turns correctly, you will end up at the location you seek. So getting the last few turns correctly are as important as the first few turns. If in the beginning you are not on track it might take a greater effort to return back to the right path. If you make the wrong turns at the last few turns you might lose sight of the correct location. Both ways you are not at your destination.

With Life you can’t pause, you are not allowed to go back in time. However, Life allows you some great cheats, you can begin tracing out the right path anytime you wish.  Life allows you to ask for directions from people that have been to your desired location. Life is filled with sign-posts but we are too busy to check them out or recognize them. If you use these tools well then you should find yourself at the right destination.

So what should you do?

  • Identify your destination. Ask yourself where you wish to go.
  • Look for people that are already there (believe me there are many people around you).
  • Ask for directions on how to get there from one or more of them. You sure will notice similarities and pick the right directions.
  • Ignore perfection. You can never make the correct turns at the correct time and also in the correct sequence. So just strive to always retrace the right route, making the wrong turns at some instances is perfectly normal.
  • Yeah…roads change, paths might become tougher, and routes can be different. So don’t be surprised if you find it harder than how it was described.
  • Keep asking for directions as a new path might have been made out.
  • Look out for sign posts, they are everywhere.
  • Recognize you are there and then plant your flag.
  • Don’t forget destinations change and in no time you have to keep moving ahead. So be prepared for this!

“Please share this. That’s how idea spread.”