Savings (Secrets of the Wealthy by Austine O. Augustus)

“Saving is a bad habit”, as anyone ever told you this? Maybe a few, Maybe you might have never heard this before. But Austine O.Augustus has so much effrontery to say this and here is why he feels so.

  • Savings is actually an evidence of a financially unintelligent mind.

It makes you feel very penny conscious and hard up. This is because it is slow and adds up little by little. A financially intelligent mind would look into how to make a little money yield more money so as to have a multiplying effect and not an adding-up effect. Every little savings made is a denial on may fronts. It takes years to build up what a financially intelligent mind could achieve in a year.

  • No one can get rich from Saving.

This is because your savings are not a good shield for raining days. Contrary to what you might think, raining days do come and when they come they could swipe off all one has if it is little. Rather than save-up to fight your “rainy day”, prepare for it by being financially intelligent with the money you have. Money made is meant to be a slave that continually toils night and day to yield more money.

  • Saving habits deny a man of spending.

Thus life becomes arduous and hard to live. You see men used to saving deny themselves so many good things in life all based on being principled towards Saving. This attitude or habit makes one age quickly and temperamental when it comes to any idea that involves one to spend lavishly or for the sake of pleasure.

  • The choice of the rich and the control they have is the secret to their wealth.

Savings leave you with no choice because when necessities come, you have to spend your savings. The rich no this, so that’s why rather than spending all when problems and necessities come-by, they prepare for this by continually re-investing whatever they have. This why the rich think up opportunities that bring abundance. The rich do not practice the principles of Economics as a subject which does not encourage increase by opportunity. Savings is actually a consciousness of scarcity.

This is just a summary of his many idea. You should grab this book and read it up. It’s dense with many eye-catching idea and so many believes that are contrary to what Society preaches. Please check out his many books including this on Amazon.

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