The real truth about Airtel Talkmore Tariff Plan

If you an Airtel subscriber in Nigeria, I am sure you were excited with the Talkmore Tariff Plan Credit Bonuses. Well, the truth is that there really is not much to be excited about.

The Airtel Talkmore Tariff plan offers you both 200% and 300% bonuses on certain credits loaded. All you have to do is dial *234*Amount of credit#.

I was excited and gave this plan a try. Unfortunately there was nothing special about it and here is why:

Airtel Talkmore is simply the same as Airtel Smooth Talk

I purchased the N1,000 Talkmore plan that promised to offer me N3,000 worth of Talk time to be used up with in 14 days. All I did was to dial *234*1000#. To my surprise my account was credited with 8,888 seconds of Talk time.

At first glimpse, this looked like a lot. But digging deep I realised that this was no better than what I would have gotten with Airtel Smooth Talk.

Cost per second was:

N1,000/8,888 seconds = N11.25 per second.

On Airtel Smooth Talk, Cost per second is:

You are charged a Daily access fee of N5. So for 14 days, you will be charged:

N5 * 14 days = N70

So you are left with N930. Airtel Smooth Talk charges subscribers at 11k per second which is N6.6 per minute. So you have how many seconds in N930?

N930/0.11 = 8454 seconds

All you get is just 434 seconds extra which is just approximately 7 minutes extra.

VERDICT: Both plans are actually the same.

Airtel Talkmore charges you N6.90 for SMS

This to me was the most absurd aspect of these Tariff plan. SMS charges in Nigeria are generally N4 per SMS. Even at this price, it seemed high compared to the benefits offered by messaging apps like BBM and Whatsapp or WeChat. So charging N6.90 per SMS is a major downside to using this Tariff Plan.


Imagine how bad the 200% Credit bonus will be under the Talkmore Tariff Plan. So stick to the Airtel Smooth Talk Tariff plan. It’s only downside is the N5 daily access fee paid. Besides that, with the Smooth Talk plan you should have true value for your money.

Don’t forget, all that Glitters is not gold as proved by this supposed mega-bonus plan that is actually untrue.