Prevent auto-reply messages when calls come in on Android phones

The Android Operating System is a great one and one that’s here to stay. But like everything made by man, it is not perfect.

One minor flaw I found while using my Android phone was my inability to CANCEL the SMS auto reply feature when incoming calls are coming in. Being a man, my phone is mostly kept in my pocket. The Android OS works in a way that deactivates the screen lock when a call is incoming.

This makes it easy for you to just swipe RIGHT to RECEIVE your call or swipe LEFT to REJECT it. However, sometimes you might find that while bringing out your phone from your pocket to view an incoming call, that you might have swiped some other way besides RIGHT and LEFT. Swiping UP and DOWN leads to you unknowingly sending any of your auto-response messages via SMS.

The other party often receives messages such as “Busy right now, call you later” or “Can’t pick calls right now. Thanks.”

Sometimes this is a great feature but a few times this is a bad feature. This because:

  • You are charged for each SMS sent via this method.
  • The other party may find such messages unsuitable.

Yes, you can edit the contents of the messages on the auto-response feature of your phone. You may even decide to deactivate it completely on your phone.

However, if you decide that you might need this feature in the future then you can look at installing an app:


This app can be found on Google’s PLAY STORE.

What this app does is to place a screen lock feature on your mobil device that comes up during an incoming call and outgoing call. By having to swipe RIGHT to unlock this app, you are prevented from accidentally using your auto-response feature of your phone.

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