How to transfer GLO credit via USSD method

GLO has made it possible for you to share your credit with friends, family or business partners. One unique method is using the USSD method.

You can follow the steps below:

Change your PIN

If you have never shared your GLO credit before, you would be required to change your PIN from its default PIN (00000) by dialing:

Your “NewPIN” should be any four (5) digit number.
If you choose to use “12345” has you “NewPIN”

Then you would dial:
You should get a SMS reply confirming that your PIN has been changed successfully.

Share your Credit

Now that your PIN has been changed from its default PIN, You can now go ahead and share your credit.

To share your credit, dial:

“0xxxxxxxxx” should be replaced by the Recipient’s MTN No.
“Amount” should be replaced by a numerical figure greater than “50” and less than “1000” for each transaction.
“NewPIN” should be replaced by the NewPIN previously set.

In order to transfer N500 to 08051111111 using the previously set “NewPIN” of “1234”, you would dial: